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Cemetery: David Cemetery Association
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Ahern, William E. 12/17/2000
Ahlfeld, Margaret 04/28/2013
Ahlfeld, William J 11/26/2014
Akbay, Tahsin 09/10/1998
Ake, Dolores L 05/01/2005
Ake, Frederick 02/02/2007
Aker, David R 09/04/1988
Akers, Harold B. 05/21/2001
Akers, Jane R. 07/16/2006
Akers, Stella M 11/24/1968
Akhbari, Manouchehr 11/11/2018
Albaugh, John R 07/18/1973
Albaugh, Mabel C 12/14/1975
Albaugh, Rodney L 12/01/2009
Albers, Anne T. 10/24/2007
Albers, Irvin J 02/14/1978
Albers, Mabel A 01/22/1996
Albert, Agnes M 07/26/1980
Albert, Lynn Dawn 09/15/1978
Alberts, Robert K 04/30/2011
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